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Superman / Batman (2003) #74


Ordway tones down the new style here a little and this issue has the best art of the arc. Levitz also changes gears, totally removing Lois Lane and revealing why Lex is so important.

Well, actually, he already revealed Lex’s importance, he just didn’t reveal the connection. This issue doesn’t help in that regard. While Lex did bankroll the people to kidnap Lois, apparently he didn’t want them to burn her alive. And then he’s messing around a lot in Gotham….

The issue ends with Lex revealed (mostly) and Superman and Batman both giving him a stern talking to.

Levitz doesn’t have a single scene with Superman and Batman together–there’s a panel at the end–and the issue just feels generally off. The pacing’s weak–not much happens, with an emphasis on showing Lex’s grand plan on the logistical scale.

It’s not a disappointment, just a waste of time.

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