Max Linder stars in MAX SETS THE STYLE, directed by Linder for Pathé Frères.

Max Sets the Style (1914, Max Linder)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a silent comedic actor ever mug for the camera quite as much as Max Linder. In Max Sets the Style, he’s a bumbling (we assume… it’s never clear) fellow on his way to a party. It might be a wedding, but it seems more like a party. It’s unclear.

After setting his shoes on fire, he buys a pair off a bum. He then has to convince his girlfriend’s brother (or father; it’s not clear) his oversized shoes are the new style.

So it’s a nine minute short with something like fifteen events. Maybe twenty. It’s amazing how Linder paces Style, but it doesn’t work.

And his performance is uneven at best. He mugs when he’s not even in close-up, as if he forgot who he told the cameraman to film.

It’s not bad (it’s only nine minutes), but it fails to impress.

1/3Not Recommended


Directed by Max Linder; released by Pathé Frères.

Starring Max Linder.


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