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Phonogram: The Singles Club (2008) #3


Not sure how you’re supposed to read this one. Gillen’s protagonist this issue is Emily, a supporting cast member from the first series. But it ends with her having casual sex with a complete stranger in order to forget her past. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to judge her for it–Gillen would probably argue any judgment is a misogynistic response–but if we aren’t supposed to judge her for it, why does Gillen make it so clear she’s truly unhappy? And if she is truly unhappy, isn’t he just using a woman and her suffering the way he complained about indie bands doing in the first issue?

It goes round and round.

Great art from McKelvie and the issue’s solid even if the intent is fuzzy.

The Gallagher backup (retelling the first series) is awesome. The O’Connor one is lame because Gillen’s making some kind of music commentary.

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