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A. Bizarro (1999) #4


Gerber finds his way to a conclusion—an unexpected one, actually. It’s nice how limited series used to be able to build over their run. His excellent pacing has something to do with it. Gerber gets in a lot of story, especially considering he focuses on multiple characters throughout.

Unfortunately, Lex is no longer amusing this issue. Gerber plays him as a straight villain. It all works out, story-wise, but there’s definitely some missed opportunity.

Also unfortunate is the return of Bright’s problems. Sure, Superman shows up and Bright can’t draw him or Clark Kent, but he also draws a strange claw on a regular woman. It’s like Adams wasn’t paying any attention either while inking.

Still, art problems can’t compete with Gerber’s writing and the series is a success. It’s a little slight, since it’s played just for laughs, but it’s a definite success.

It should’ve been longer.

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