Harbinger 6 (November 2012)

890468Very strange stuff. Not the issue itself, which turns Kris into the protagonist of the series–it remains to be seen if Dysart maintains that position for her–but how Dysart sells the idea.

He does it very subtly, introducing all these details about Kris and her regular reading list. He establishes she’s smart, he establishes she’s informed, well-read, then sets her plan in motion.

The issue’s from her perspective; Dysart does a pretty good job with it too.

There are only two problems. First is the pacing. Once Kris’s plan becomes clear, Dysart gets reader anticipation going. It rises, rises, rises–wait, then the issue ends. Doing well backfires a little.

And Phil Briones’s pencils. The art in the issue is good half the time. The other half people look totally different from panel to panel.

Harbinger is undoubtedly compelling. Dysart probably has five good twists this issue.


Writer, Joshua Dysart; penciller, Phil Briones; inkers, Andrew Hennessy and Briones; colorist, Ian Hannin; letterer, Rob Steen; editors, Jody LeHeup and Warren Simons; publisher, Valiant Entertainment.

One Comment

  1. vernon wiley

    Yes, despite the $3.99 price tag and the level of talent featured, some of the Valiant books look like they’ve been cranked out. They’re keeping deadlines, but perhaps the pay doesn’t allow more time spent on the work?

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