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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #127


The issue opens with Brereton’s finish for The Nocturnals. It’s charming and light, which is totally at odds with the visuals. I guess if I’d known more about it, I would have had an idea where it might go. Some great art.

Metalfer does not get any better this issue—Manoukian and Roucher somehow make their protagonist unlikable, even when he’s being unjustly pursued. But the art is excellent, especially here, where they’re setting big action sequences in a future city.

Then there’s Oakley’s Stiltskin, which reminds a little too much of A Prayer for Owen Meany for it to be original, but it’s still a rather good story. Oakley’s a fine artist, but his writing—especially his first-person narration from the titular character, a dwarf growing up in the sixties—makes the whole thing work beautifully.

A mildly amusing one page Blue Monday from Clugston closes the issue.

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