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Hawkeye & Mockingbird (2010) #1


While Hawkeye & Mockingbird is a lot of fun, McCann doesn’t seem to be having it with Clint and Bobbi. Instead, the book is at its most entertaining when it’s Clint, Steve and Bucky. Bobbi’s off on her own, acting a little weird (not to mention the retcon revelation at the end) and it distances the two protagonists.

The opening is fun though. The two Lopezes pace out the lengthy opening action sequence and McCann’s narration (from Hawkeye’s perspective) makes it work. Only when they get all the masks off, with Clint and the Captains America, do the Lopezes get problematic. They draw adults like child-aged comic strip characters. It doesn’t work.

There’s also a lot of continuity in play here (I didn’t realize there were such dedicated Hawkeye and Mockingbird fans to keep up with it all). There’s a too dense text history at the end.

Still, it’s pleasant.

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