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A. Bizarro (1999) #3


Al heads to Apokolips—after Lex proposes to breed him with some of his female staff—and meets up with a preteen Fury. They form a musical duo.

Gerber comes up with some outlandish ideas, but he curbs them in the reality of DC continuity, which just makes the read all the better.

I still haven’t really figured out how to talk about A. Bizarro because Gerber doesn’t exactly have a protagonist. Al’s the subject of the book; he’s at the center of its events, but he’s not its center. There’s a great scene when he calls Lex a bald guy….

Bright’s art doesn’t have any of the previous issue’s deficiencies here. It’s not outstanding, but it’s serviceable.

We also miss a lot here—Gerber first skips a week, then six weeks, then six months. Sure, he’s doing a comedy and it’s for effect, but it hampers the reading experience.

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