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West Coast Avengers (1984) #4


Hall hasn’t made much of an impression during West Coast Avengers but during the climatic battle scene here, he does a great job. He’s got Breeding and Berardi inking him (and this issue has no art hiccups like the previous three) but it’s really about his panel composition. Plus, he’s able to bring real drama to Stern’s scripting of the action sequence.

Otherwise, the issue lacks any distinction. It’s a mediocre superhero book. The Vision shows up again to congratulate the team (he doesn’t call them “Angels” though) and Rhodey reveals himself to be Iron Man II. Stern handles that revelation well. Though, by the end, Iron Man’s off by himself with Tigra paws Wonder Man.

There’s also some funny stuff about Graviton’s molls thinking he’s a lame creep.

Stern comes up with a decent plan for the team to confront him.

Again, it’s fine. Most impressive for Hall’s contribution.

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