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West Coast Avengers (1984) #3


There’s something weird about Graviton. It’s almost like he’s overcompensating.

This issue focuses mostly on Tigra and Wonder Man (Rhodey gets cast aside). First it’s about their insecurities, then it’s them teaming up with the Shroud to go after the bad guy (who’s secretly working with Graviton).

The splash page has some weak proportions from Hall and Breeding but it clears up fast. Except for Iron Man only showing his teeth through the mouth slot, I imagine in five more issues, the art would start getting good. Too bad there’s only one more issue.

Stern, being a professional superhero writer, is able to work through all the nonsense and expository dialogue and actually make Wonder Man sympathetic during his talk with Tigra. Still, it’s weird how she’s pairing off with him, sort of leaving Rhodey to be a third wheel to the still underrepresented Hawkeye and Mockingbird.

It’s okay stuff.

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