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Batman/Catwoman: Follow the Money (2011) #1


Even though it’s still modern, lazy Chaykin, Follow the Money is somewhat better than his usual attempts. I think it’s because—even though he has some rather bad pages in here—he also has a lot more mediocre ones. The mediocre ones sort of even everything out. He does have jump cuts, however, something I’ve never seen in a comic book before. At least not and noticed.

The story’s somewhat weak—three employees fleece Wayne Enterprises and it’s up to Batman and Catwoman to stop them. There’s no Ponzi scheme so it’s not even topical. And Chaykin opens with some really bad, alternating first person narration from Batman and Catwoman. It’s hilarious because he writes them in the same voice.

However, Chaykin gets turning Selina and Bruce into Nick and Nora. Teaming them up here makes no sense narratively, yet it works because Chaykin understands they’re charming together.

It’s painless.

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  1. This is a perfect example of a book that wouldn’t be purchased, but downloaded. Kind of like waiting for the movie to come out on a cheap rental from Redbox, I guess. Chaykin really doesn’t work for me anymore, as he just seems to do the bare minimum for his skills, he somewhat reminds me of a modern day mature Rob Liefeld. Except Chaykin actually has talent, which makes looking at this stuff even more painful.

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