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West Coast Avengers (1984) #2


Is it possible for Wonder Man to be any more annoying? He spends every moment either bragging about himself or whining. And Stern loves expositional dialogue, so it’s a lot to get through.

My favorite line in the book is from him, though–“Who would be crazy enough to rob a bank in broad daylight?” Either Stern (who’s written a lot of comics and they must have had bank robberies) is out of it or he’s very subtly trying to point out Wonder Man is a complete idiot. Unfortunately, I think it’s the former.

The book opens with the team training, which leads to Rhodey (as Iron Man) and Tigra both having lengthy low self-esteem thoughts in balloons. It’s getting to be a problem, especially since Hawkeye and Mockingbird barely make an impression this issue.

Again, decent enough superhero art from Hall and Breeding. Nothing sensational, nothing too terrible.

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