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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #139


It’s a strange Roachmill because it’s very confined—Hedden and McWeeney set it at a public school where Roachmill’s after the school bully. So it’s sort of an all-action story. Dark Horse seems to have included both parts in this issue (there’s a very clear break, with cliffhanger), which is nice. McWeeney’s art is still good though it lacks the vivacious enthusiasm of the early days. The story’s also less about the inappropriate laughs. Maybe because it’s set at a school. Still, it’s a nice piece of work and it’s good to have some more Hedden and McWeeney.

As for Chichester and Barberi’s Saint Slayer? Umm… I don’t get it. Dark Horse had the Buffy license, so why did they print this kung fu Buffy knock-off. It’s an unpleasant read—Chichester’s writing is awful and Barberi’s art isn’t much better. It’s all action… but it plods along. Ick.

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  1. Hedden and McWeeney pretty much disappeared from comics as far as I know. I know McWeeney got some work on Marvel as an ink stud, but after that, perhaps their comics careers hit their apex with the indies. For the curious, there’s a Roachmill series out there somewhere that completetists will want to view. Self Published(?), can’t remember…

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