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Lovers Jump (2010, Mark McCombe)

Holly Clark and Laurence Fuller star in LOVERS JUMP, directed by Mark McCombe.

What’s interesting about short films—when they’re doing straight narratives—is how much they can get away with. Lovers Jump is basically the final scene in a feature. Jenny Wong’s script is nice because there’s not much expository dialogue to explain anything—it all flows naturally. And then the end is the kick and it’s great.

There’s no way McCombe could have pulled it off if the film were a second longer. McCombe’s composition is fantastic, as is his use of Rich Keyworth’s music. The only technical problems is some mismatched background noise between a couple cuts.

The other important component is the acting. Laurence Fuller and Holly Clark both give solid performances. Fuller has the showier part and he has a slip or two, but makes it work.

I don’t need to see the rest of the feature, Lovers Jump is enough. I mean that statement as a compliment.



Directed and edited by Mark McCombe; written by Jenny Wong; director of photography, Jan Daube; music by Rich Keyworth; produced by McCombe, Wong and James Jacob.

Starring Laurence Fuller (Peter) and Holly Clark (Aunt Sandra).


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