Fantastic Four: True Story 4 (January 2009)

And it’s a happy ending for everyone not looking at Domingues’s art.

Seriously, it’s really bad.

But the final issue has a lot of charm–even if the ending is too short and Cornell wastes the cast of The Wind and the Willows. Having Toad run around with Johnny Storm seems somehow perfect and Cornell only hints at it.

Cornell’s rules for the story and its logic are pretty loose (I think Reed refers to it as the “fictoverse,” but only one time… as someone noticed how stupid it sounds). It all comes together nicely so the issue can end with a bow on it.

The problem with True Story is how unimportant the Fantastic Four are to the story–it could be anyone having this adventure in the… groan… fictoverse. It might even be better with other characters.

And with the Domingues art, it’s too ugly to be precious.


Johnny Storm Saves Books; writer, Paul Cornell; artists, Horacio Domingues and Rick Burchett; colorist, Nestor Pereyra; letterer, Dave Lanphear; editor, Tom Brevoort; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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  1. Vernon Wiley

    Being a retailer it was very hard for me to even pick this up and look at it, with all the dross Marvel publishes, but Cornell’s pedigree got me to read the first issue. The concept that the FF go to a fictional universe kind of put me off, and the art was so bad that I wasn’t inspired to pick up another. Thank you for your time on his one, as I thought I may of missed something.

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