Rick Burchett

Detective Comics 787 (December 2003)

Rick Burchett does about half well on this issue. Maybe more than half, but when he goes too cartoonish, it hurts the better stuff. And by cartoonish, I don’t mean his overall approach. His approach is fine–his Mad Hatter, for instance, is gloriously cartoonish and wonderful. I more mean things like Bullock not having eyes, […]


Human Target Special 1 (November 1991)

Beyond Who’s Who, I don’t think I’ve read much regular DC Human Target. This special only partially counts as it was a tie-in for the failed nineties television adaptation. It’s decent, far better than I was expecting. The art from Burchett and Giordano is good and Verheiden’s writing is fine. There’s a lot of humor–Christopher […]