Green Hornet (2010) #1


I’m guessing, from Smith’s use of pop culture references, it’s going to be a future story. Because in the past, he’s got Indiana Jones references and a white guy calling his hat “pimp.” So the present day stuff must be in the future.

Or maybe the editor just doesn’t care. Does Dynamite even have editors?

This first issue recounts the last adventure of the original Green Hornet, who will presumably be the father of the modern Green Hornet (or future modern Green Hornet). The most the presumed new Green Hornet does in this issue is moon the reporters. It seems a lot like the opening to Innerspace, actually, as he does it after his girlfriend leaves.

Lau’s artwork is really, really polished. It’s very professional and very boring.

Smith’s prologue idea is weak (his conversations don’t carry weight if it’s the characters’ only scene), but it’s not awful… just pointless.

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