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Blade Runner (1982) #1


After the first few pages, I think I decided Blade Runner is best comic adaptation of a movie I’ve ever read. Goodwin has a fairly complex and lengthy story to adapt here (especially since the film is confusing, especially the version Goodwin would have been adapting) and he comes up with a genius way to do it.

He turns Blade Runner into a detective story. Sure, it’s a detective story, but there’s really not any of the classic staples of the genre throughout (i.e. narration). Narration is what Goodwin adds and makes it into a fantastic–for the most part–comic book.

It’s still too busy, because they’re trying to fit so much in–I don’t think I’ve ever seen such small lettering for standard narration, it’s tiny–but it works.

Williamson is sometimes gets very creative; these are ten or twelve panel pages.

It’s a rather solid comic book.

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