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Nancy in Hell On Earth 4 (October 2012)

883568The issue takes a while. Torres paces it well and he pads it out a little. There’s a lot of confusing narration from the bad guy to muddle through. But it’s worth it.

Even with the weak plotting, undercooked characters and Lorenzana’s underwhelming artwork, On Earth makes it.


Because Torres has got a great protagonist with Nancy–who doesn’t even have a character arc, she’s just trying to stay alive; he writes her well enough to make the series worthwhile.

Torres also rewards the reader with the finish, though not entirely. Of the three epilogues, only one’s any good but it’s so good, it makes up for the rest. One’s obligatory, another’s philosophically interesting but narratively unrewarding.

But the good one? It’s a great one. And it gets one immediately anticipating more comics from Torres.

Hopefully next time with a decent artist. Lorenzana did On Earth no good.


Writer, El Torres; artist, Enrique Lopez Lorenzana; colorist, Fran Gamboa; letterer, Malaka Studio; editor, C. Edward Sellner; publisher, Image Comics.

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