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Batman (1940) #255


Batman fighting a werewolf with Neal Adams on art. It’s incredibly great looking. I don’t even remember the last time I read an Adams illustrated comic, so everything was a joy. His panel layouts here are just fantastic. It’s both action and horror (at the beginning) oriented and it’s simply masterful.

Len Wein’s script is rather solid too. It’s got a lot of exposition, but none of it is ever useless. Even Batman’s thought balloons during the end fight scene work.

But Wein doesn’t spend a lot of time with Batman before that finish. He does open with Batman but he doesn’t stay with him, instead he goes into the werewolf’s story. There’s a neat introduction to the changeover.

Unfortunately, it’s not entirely successful. A great deal of the story depends on Batman being kind of stupid. For instance, he goes to the werewolf’s house on a social visit.

But beautiful.

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