Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #20


Oh, if only Stan Lee had thought of Spidey pulling down Doctor Octopus’s pants.

Bendis doesn’t do a lot this issue. About half is dedicated to Spider-Man fighting Doc Ock–I can’t remember if his victory in any way resembles the one in Amazing–while the other half goes to Kraven getting ready for the hunt.

Bendis is filling here. He even wastes pages with someone doing an intro to Kraven and then having to redo it. The dialogue’s amusing, but it’s all just filler.

The story starts with Spidey and Doc Ock, even if it is all just a big long fight scene. It’s an amusing fight scene (and maybe the first time anyone–in this case the television news crews–comes out in support of Spider-Man).

Even with all the pacing and plotting shortcuts, it’s hard not to like the issue. Bendis makes it very likable.

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