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The Honest Date (2014, Jonah Feingold)

Allyn Morse and David Lowe star in THE HONEST DATE, directed by Jonah Feingold.

The first seventy percent of The Honest Date is reasonably amusing. Director Feingold has his stars–Allyn Morse and David Lowe–bantering, rapid-fire, back and forth, usually about dating mores or pop culture and it works. Lowe is excellent, Morse has maybe one questionable delivery but she’s otherwise really good. They handle all the dialogue and make themselves distinct in body language.

Mind you, it’s in a couple two shots and some close-ups. Feingold has a filter on the short, a very rich black and white, and it’s all effective. There’s old timey music playing. Date succeeds at trying just hard enough to look like it’s trying too hard.

Then Feingold makes a very strange decision for the conclusion and he loses his hold on the film. Sure, it’s only three and a half minutes, but the last third of Date is a complete misfire.

Nice acting though.

1/3Not Recommended


Written and directed by Jonah Feingold; produced by Emily Wolfe.

Starring Allyn Morse (Honest Girl) and David Lowe (Honest Boy).


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