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A Voice in the Dark 1 (November 2013)

AVitD001  draggedA Voice in the Dark is a strange comic. Writer and artist Larime Taylor takes a try until it works approach. It’s also a very dense first issue–probably a fifteen minute read. Not a bad thing, but never what I expect.

He’s very ambitious. The most mundane thing about the comic has to be the structure–it’s a college freshman’s dear diary–but everything else is crazy.

His protagonist is a biracial eighteen year-old girl with an adopted (but rescued in her teens adopted) lesbian sister, coming from a poor family going to a prestigious college, with a gay cop uncle in the new town, who also is a wannabe serial killer.

Voice should collapse under all the weight, but doesn’t. Taylor’s sincerity and commitment come through, making up for a lot of the rough patches.

His cop dialogue, for example, flops, but his college dialogue is good.

In spite of its problems, Voice is surprisingly compelling.


Blood Makes Noise, Part One; writer, artist and letterer, Larime Taylor; editor, Danny Donovan; publisher, Image Comics.

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