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Avengers vs. Atlas (2010) #3

Avengers vs atlas 3 2010

Once again, I’m opening with a comment about Hardman, because the comic really leaves no other choice. While Parker constructs this elaborate and complicated story (I don’t even know how complicated yet, but it’s the kind of story–a sequel to a forty-year old story–Brubaker does pretty well and Bendis fails on but does try and Millar creates a monstrosity with–Parker does it beautifully, however, simply beautifully), he also gives Hardman this amazing script to visualize.

The action, the talking, it’s just so perfect. Parker’s got all these character interactions going on between the Atlas team–the Avengers are, regardless of Gorilla Man, a lot flashier–amid action scenes. He gives Namora a fantastic little plot point with Thor, but also just an aside to Steve Rogers Captain America about throwing the shield. There’s so much character, it’s a shock.

Parker’s easily Marvel’s greatest treasure right now.

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