Avengers vs. Atlas (2010) #2

Avengers vs atlas 2 2010

I clearly don’t appreciate Gabriel Hardman enough. Hardman reminds me of Michael Lark’s superhero work, only without the… moodiness. Hardman’s like a non-moody Michael Lark, at least here he is–I honestly don’t remember finding him so stunning. Maybe I’m just forgetting.

Or maybe it’s because he’s got such a great fight to visualize.

The idea of Parker bringing in a different group of Avengers each issue sounds kind of silly, but it’s a great idea (so far). Like I said after the first one, he hasn’t got any big Atlas story going here, instead he’s just got those great characters of his interacting with other characters.

It’s a joy to read. I can’t believe this series–of all the Atlas titles–didn’t cause a big stir.

Then there’s the backup. It’s the first Atlas story I’ve read not written by Parker. Scott Kurtz does fine enough–it’s hilarious.

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