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Battle Hymn (2005) #3


Ah, yes, ok… the U.S. government–FDR’s administration–is killing superheroes for being cads. Wow, it’s so inspirational. I’m shocked Moore didn’t break the internet in half demonizing the U.S. government.

It’s sensational tripe, the kind no one would ever really notice because no one read Battle Hymn. I can’t figure if Moore hates FDR or if he thinks he’s somehow writing an anti-government piece not about the Bush administration (it’s from 2005, after all). I’m guessing Moore doesn’t know enough about FDR to even have an opinion. I imagine he just thinks he’s being really subversive. Even though Mark Millar basically already did all this stuff with The Ultimates, or at least hinted it could be done.

I’m also trying to figure out if Moore’s ever going to comment on his only female character being around as a sex toy for his superheroes. I doubt he ever noticed.

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