Battle Hymn (2005) #4


Full disclosure, Erik Larsen rejected my comic for Image. I feel a little better. He apparently just can’t read, since he published Battle Hymn.

This comic book might be the worst thing I’ve read in a long time. I’m actually going to make a note of Battle Hymn being the worst-written nonsense I’ve read so I don’t forget.

Moore’s a lousy, lousy writer. He’s actually not terrible at the dialogue, only painfully mediocre, but his plotting is seriously some of the worst I’ve ever read. It’s not just incompetent, it’s some adjective “competent” isn’t even a part of.

I think Moore thinks he’s being really cool by not telling a story, by not having a real narrative, just a hodgepodge of sensational, melodramatic scenes.

I’m surprised Jeremy Haun did this kind of series. Maybe he can’t read either. His art’s just so good and the comic’s so indescribably awful.

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