Battle Hymn (2005) #2


Oh, wow, give B. Clay Moore a honorary history degree from Bob Jones University… he uses “homeland” in a 1940s scene. Maybe he should have just used Vaterland.

I’m also not sure “blue movie” isn’t an anachronism as well.

What’s also interesting is how Moore’s demonizing the U.S. government. I mean, FDR comes off as a bad guy in this comic. While I’m a little curious how it’ll turn out and I’m all for dramatic license, it’s not particularly solid, in terms of its history. I’m wondering what Moore did for research? Watched the History Channel? On mute?

The art’s solid again, but the plotting is just as lousy as the first issue. Basically all this issue does is show the reader the government can’t be trusted and the superhero team, hte Watchguard (either Moores think alike or B. Clay is “homaging”), has internal problems.

It’s a lame, readable comic.

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