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Muppet Peter Pan (2009) #3


And now things are back on track. Randolph says, in a promotional interview where the letters page should be, Janice is one of her favorites to write and it really shows here. Janice sort of becomes the main character in this issue, opening it (but not closing it), and all of her stuff, whether funny or narratively important, works really well. It’s just a good issue, with a lot more content than the second.

However, there’s one moment–Rizzo hurting Piggy as Tinkerbell–I didn’t really get. He’s able to hurt her with insults, so there’s no action violence, but it’s still torture in a kids comic. Kind of off-putting, especially since the cliffhanger has her appearing to be dead.

Mebberson has this great way of drawing Kermit like he’s still a puppet (the hand motions affecting his expression) and it’s fantastic this issue.

Everything works really well here.

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