Muppet Peter Pan (2009) #4


There’s a wonderful moment here, where being a Muppet comic really allows Randolph to do something neat, and she turns a battle scene into a segment for the Muppet sports’ show. It’s just a lovely way to do a comedic battle scene.

As a last issue, it’s really successful. My only problem is the lack of Piggy in the final few pages, which seems awkward. It’s practically like she’s a non-character after the whole issue is this frantically paced conclusion, all set off by her.

So much happens in the comic–Peter Pan growing up, he and Captain Hook befriending each other, Gonzo doing his thing (Randolph alternates between the Peter Pan stuff and the Muppet stuff really well, emphasizing the Muppet stuff for the most part here), the big fight scene. It’s packed. And it all moves really, really fast.

It’s a good comic and a great close.

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  1. vernon wiley

    While I thought the Landridge issues would be the focal point, I’m glad you reviewed this mini. Makes me want to go dig up the issues and check them out.

    Reviewing Muppets brings out a gentler, softer side of you. Congrats!

    And thanks again for your work on the picture blog. Looks great!