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Hawkeye & Mockingbird (2010) #5


Well. Again, McCann knows how to get his reader back for the next issue.

What he does here—before revealing the issue has been contrived to path story out a couple more issues—is a “things go wrong” all-action issue. There’s a plan and it falls apart. The present action of the first twenty pages is about eight minutes. It’s a good read… until McCann gets to the end of it.

Since this issue is so action-oriented, there’s really no place for the Lopezes to have their problems. The end’s a little off, when Steve and Bucky show up, but the majority of the issue is smoothly executed.

McCann might be able to “save” the series in the next (last) issue, but it seems like it might be a fake save. While he’s a good writer, he relies heavily on contrived plot points to keep his story going.

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