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Jonah Hex (2006) #50


I hate Palmiotti and Gray’s writing. I mock them every time I look through Previews. So damned if I know what I’ll do now one of their comics has made me tear up, has ruined my day, effectively kicked me in the stomach to the point I want to crawl up in the fetal position.

Clearly, the reason this issue of Jonah Hex succeeds is Darwyn Cooke’s artwork. No way anyone else could have made this story so affecting.

I should want to read more of their issues, just in case I’m missing something, but I don’t think anything can really top this issue. In just one issue, they fit in about as much tragedy as occurs in Hamlet.

It’s not particularly thoughtful tragedy, or brilliantly plotted tragedy, but it’s real effective and all because of Cooke. It’s haunting, in fact.

Though the cover doesn’t do the interior content justice.

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  1. Stop mocking us already…we can’t sleep and arent eating right as is.

    We are sensitive human beings that need love like the rest of the world.

    Glad you enjoyed the issue… ;]


  2. Your quib on Palmiotti & Gray is certainly born out with their track record. It is to Cooke’s credit as a master craftsman that he can take a clear, slender clean line and give a cowboy story enough visual depth that is usually done with a heavy inky brush to emulate the proper atmosphere of westerns. snif, now you’ve got me started…

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