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The Unwritten (2009) #4


The fourth issue–I’m trying to remember if something magical is revealed each issue, but I don’t think so, just the first and second–ends on a wacky cliffhanger. I mean, it ends on a very dramatic, horrific note, but then on this, well, sweet one too.

The potential for The Unwritten is just amazing–if Carey pulls it off, but there really isn’t any sign he’s going to mess it up.

This issue introduces, with its first page, a new mystery, one I’m wondering if Carey’s even going to have time to reveal, since he’s kind of closed the action in this issue and the last one.

Still, as nice as the book gets, I’m not convinced I like it at this pacing. Carey introduced a lot the third issue, spent lots of pages, only to invalidate it this issue. It’s a bad formula.

In other words, fingers crossed.

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