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The Unwritten (2009) #3


The third issue drastically changes pace. Instead of it being a summary of events, it’s more “real time,” with Tom’s trying to figure out the variety of weird things going on. Not the weird things overall, just the weird things going on since the end of the last issue.

There’s a lot more humor this issue, as Carey drops Tom in the middle of a horror writers’ workshop and none of the attendees are particularly bright. They bicker, it’s funny; but there’s this artificial sense to everything, because Carey’s always weaving the “fictional” into the story’s reality, which I’m sure is intentional.

Oh, and the mystery girl comes on to Tom, which is a cool little moment. Carey’s way of making Tom this incredibly identifiable protagonist–he’s not on Joseph Campbell’s twelve hero steps, for example–he’s almost comically tragic.

However, I don’t believe he wouldn’t not question mystery girl.

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