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Robocop (1990) #7


So Alan Grant did Westworld with dinosaurs before Michael Crichton? There’s a dinosaur park in this issue, which came out a few months before Crichton’s novel, and, strangely, things go wrong. They go wrong for different reasons, but still… this issue could have been called “Robocop vs. Jurassic Park.”

There’s a lot of action here and a lot of–well, it’s not procedural, but it’s Robocop solving the mystery, but instead of it being an investigation with revelations, it’s an investigation with action sequences. Grant does a fine job with it, adapting the procedural both for the comic medium and Robocop as the protagonist.

Still, I miss seeing Lewis in the comic.

Sullivan’s dinosaur art is nice and the whole thing works well.

I mean, if you don’t dwell on Robocop’s internal dialogue, which is still way too human. The Judge Dredd influences come back too, with Robocop street judging.

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