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The Gift (2010, Carl Rinsch)

A scene from THE GIFT, directed by Carl Rinsch for Phillips.

The Gift is yet another “short film as demo reel”… only all it does is show director Rinsch’s inability to construct an acceptable four minute short.

The first problem–not the biggest, just the first–is the bad composites. The CG is decent (rather good lighting on it, even), but the compositor doesn’t match it to the film stock. Sorry, DV stock. Roman Vasyanov’s photography is occasionally good and the CG mismatch hurts it. I qualify with occasionally because Vasyanov shoots well outside and mediocrely inside.

The second problem, probably the biggest, is Rinsch’s direction itself. His composition is geared towards selling the special effects, not telling a story or laying out a set piece. There’s a big chase at the end and Rinsch distinguishes himself as a terrible chase director. It’s a terrible sequence, primarily because Rinsch seems disinterested. So why include it?

The Gift gives nothing, just wastes.

1/3Not Recommended


Written and directed by Carl Rinsch; director of photography, Roman Vasyanov; edited by Dan Swietlik and Dayn Williams; music by Amon Tobin; produced by Margo Maas Geesteranus; released by Phillips.


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