Robocop (1990) #3


Grant’s approach to this series–Robocop on a case–is nice. I mean, his future isn’t the greatest thing ever (again, I think it’s just rehashed Judge Dredd trappings), but there’s a procedural aspect to it. All of the Robocop thought balloons are a problem, as Grant has completely humanized the character–he’s just a guy turned into a robot, with full access to his memories and emotions.

The smiling Robocop on the second or third page is a little goofy too.

But the specifics this issue–Robocop trying to recover the captains of industry’s stolen dream tapes–is a little bit lame. Grant hasn’t established how law enforcement works in the comic; in this issue, Robocop isn’t so much a peace officer as an errand boy who occasionally gets to fight crime.

There’s also a fair amount of retconning of the source film to make for drama.

Still, okay.