Doctor Strange (1974) #74


What can make the Beyonder whole? Why, sitting through a partial retelling of Dr. Strange’s origin, of course!

Every once and a while I’ll come across a comic where I’m completely unfamiliar–so far as I know–with the creative team. I’ve never heard of Peter B. Gillis, though maybe I’ve heard of Mark Badger, but certainly not in terms of mainstream work (maybe something at Dark Horse?).

I’ve never really read Dr. Strange so I don’t know if this issue, which opens after him helping free some kingdom in another dimension, is the norm. Strange talks a lot, uses a lot of mystical sounding proper nouns–all of them with threes, note, this of that, that of this–while remaining upbeat about the human condition, if acknowledging its problems.

This issue didn’t really make an impression.

Badger’s somewhat okay. He’s kind of safely indie, still mainstream enough for Marvel.

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