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Robocop (1990) #2


The Comics Code approved this one? Robocop kills people left and right throughout.


On we go.

The issue ends with Robocop and Lewis making kissy faces at each other. Apparently, all Robocop writers (except the guys who wrote the original movie), want to introduce this plot element. I’m not complaining. It’s better handled here than elsewhere, it’s just odd. He’s a cyborg, come on.

Besides the idiotic lack of response to the vigilante robots from the rival corporation, this issue’s pretty good. Grant’s got his dialogue more in check with Robocop and there’s some nice moments with petty corporate officers, just like in the first film, which translates well to comics here. I’ve never heard of Sullivan before but he does a fine job.

The only bad scene is Lewis freaking out over Robocop’s injuries. The continuity between this comic and the film is too thin for the scene.

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