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Bullet to the Head (2010) #5


Lots of surprises this issue, little ones, but surprises just the same.

Matz’s pacing has been excellent throughout (probably because the French originals are split somehow into manageable American length) but this issue might be the best. He’s established a new status quo for the last two issues—even discussing the establishing of it and still having time to let it play out.

Matz’s artwork is still a little loose, but he’s got a lot to cover here—day scenes, night scenes, New York, New Orleans, New York again. There’s a nice walk through Central Park.

It’s interesting to see a comic like this one told without being concerned about a possible movie option. Matz’s plot is too organic to work as a film.

It’s a good issue and a pleasant, if occasionally difficult read. Matz doesn’t shy away from making it confrontational to the reader’s expections.

Finally, Bullet’s excelling.

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