Incognito (2008) #5


Wow, did Mark Waid read Incognito before starting Incorruptible or what? I think Brubaker ought to say something–the underage girl villain sidekick is just too much.

That pithy opening, unfortunately, is the most enthusiasm I can get with this one. I could really care less at this point, so when Brubaker turns in an issue like this one, which reads like a summary of a real comic book, what’s the point in getting upset?

Whatever Brubaker had going on with Incognito for the first two issues is long gone here. He’s lost any sense of his protagonist–still well-written narration though, just not enough of it–as he skips from character to character. I think he’s going for memorable names and appearances just because he knows his writing isn’t establishing them on any other level.

It’s a weak series and it could have been strong; very, very disappointing.

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