Incognito (2008) #6


Doesn’t Nick Fury want his flying car back?

Incognito ends with an abbreviated fight scene (if only Brubaker and Phillips had abbreviated the one in the third issue, when everything started to go bad) and no real resolution to any of the subplots. In fact, it introduces some kind of romance between protagonist Zach Overkill and Zoe Zeppelin. Tension. Romantic tension with the woman who thinks torturing helpless people is okay. And Overkill’s supposed to be a good guy now.

If Brubaker had run twelve issues with this one, he might be able to pull off this ending, with Overkill headed into the bright sky of an anti-hero crime fighting future or something, but he only ran six and he wasted three and a half of those with loose narrative.

There are some decent moments throughout, but some weak ones (the office girl slapping Overkill’s cheap).

A major disappointment.