Spider-Woman (2009) #4

Sw09 4

Seriously, Bendis? You actually think this comic book is acceptable? Do I get my money back on Spider-Woman–are you still offering that deal, to refund any money anyone spent on your books? Because I’m sure there are some retailers out there who’d like their money back too.

I wish I’d time how long it took me to read this issue. I’m guessing three minutes. A dollar a minute. Maybe–maybe–it took Bendis ten minutes to write it, but I doubt it. The whole issue is action, except the interrogation scene with the Skrull at the beginning, so I’m guessing he didn’t work on the later pages much.

Maleev’s artwork might make this series worthwhile to some people (only those who really want to study illustration). There’s no storytelling craft here.

Do you think Bendis thinks he’s doing good work or is he aware he’s full of shit?

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  1. vernon wiley

    This was the issue I lost patience with the utter lack of story and gave up. It’ s a shameless money grab on Marvel’s part on the strength of these two creator’s names and any editor worth his salt would of Stan Lee’d enough extra dialogue and exposition onto here for at least a FOUR minute read. Definetely makes the old SW comics a better value.