The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West 1 (October 2011)

875214Going into The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West, I didn’t realize it was an indie(er) attempt at a Zenescope cheesecake comic. Actually, it’s not clear until the last page. Until then, it’s just lame. The cheesecake factor makes it a lot less ambitious as a property.

Writer Tom Hutchinson recasts Dorothy in the girl with no name role, traveling from town to town with her horse, Toto, and some ruby guns. It doesn’t have to be bad, but Hutchinson’s dialogue is atrocious. He’s got Dorothy talking in long exposition to the horse for the first few pages. It’s mind-numbing.

The artist, Allisson Borges, is okay. Her medium and long shots are good. The closeups aren’t though and eventually there’s a lot of talking and closeups. But the composition’s all right and it does read fast.

Besides Hutchinson, the big problem’s Kate Finnegan’s colors almost ruin the art.


Writer, Tom Hutchison; artist, Allisson Borges; colorist, Kate Finnegan; letterer, HDE; publisher, Big Dog Ink.


  1. vernon wiley

    Who authorized you to read this bile? It wasn’t me, I would have headed this off at the pass eons ago. Please stick to the authorized list from now on. Harumph!

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