Batman and Robin (2009) #3

Bmr 3

This issue’s strange. Not strange creepy, strange it doesn’t fit the first two. It’s like Morrison realized he wasn’t going to have Quitely forever and so he better get some things done. More happens in the third issue than happens in the first two (times two). Damian doesn’t just form an emotional attachment to a victim, he also realizes Dick’s going to look out for him. So there’s a partnership developing there.

More, Morrison manages to “wrap up” his whole Professor Pyg thing in one issue. There’s the “real” origin, the origin the Pyg tells Robin about when he’s doing the James Bond villain thing and the Pyg’s defeat in the end.

It’s also got Dick borrowing from Damian (in the roughness he goes after a suspect) and Damian borrowing from Dick (none of Damian’s attacks are vicious this issue).

Morrison’s using the superhero comic medium to full potential here.

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