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Beasts of Burden (2009) #4


Compared to the previous three issues, the series ends on a weak note. It’s still awesome and all, but it’s a kinda cliffhanger and kinda cliffhangers are damned annoying when it comes to limited series. The letters column even opens with talk about another series, instead of giving this one any kind of closure. In fact, it raises even more issues, with the ostensible team leader (Ace) showing a murderous streak (he, possessed, helped kill the young Republican in issue two).

It’s a dark issue, with the Burden Hill Beasts (their team name, which I missed completely–it’s never used in the actual issues) fighting a resurrected human. It ties into the second issue and the third issue, not just their mysteries but also picking up the thread of the kitties in love from issue three, only from the disapproving canine perspective.

Great stuff; just wish it was an ongoing.

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