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Beasts of Burden (2009) #3


As a rat owner, I’m horrified Dorkin uses them as these master villains, the animal kingdom’s equivalent of Al Queda or something; however, as a reader, I have to admit, it’s a darn good book–though I’m not sure I like getting done with it without the mystery being solved.

This issue’s a romance issue, at least it turns into one and it’s a fine romance issue. The issue starts like a–well, it feels almost like Tom Sawyer, just because it’s all these distinct characters in a suburban setting, but it’s also a lot like Lady and the Tramp (for the same reason)–it ends like an old detective movie, with the happy couple in the moonlight.

Dorkin and Thompson should be very proud of themselves (and Dark Horse should be paying them very well); this series is easily the best thing I’ve read from Dark Horse in years.

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