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Irredeemable (2009) #9


Darn it, Mark Waid, why do you keep it on such a roller coaster? This issue’s another great one, as Waid reveals quite a bit–there’s the new superhero team going a little nuts, there’s the smart guy off with the villain girl, there’s the U.S. Army making deals with the devil–there’s also what appears to be Al Gore as President. Not so sure what Waid’s doing with that one (in fact, given the highly fundie nature of The Unknown, I’m a little surprised).

It’s a fast-paced issue too (I imagine Irredeemable is going to read splendidly once it’s finished–it also seems like Waid’s blueprinting, I don’t know, a movie perhaps).

What’s so interesting is how the remaining heroes, except the nutso new hero leader, are generally hoping to reform the Plutonian. Instead of spinning off that crappy Incorruptible, Waid should have done a Plutonian apologist series.

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