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Irredeemable (2009) #8


Of course, Waid can’t sustain it. I mean, this issue reveals what set the Plutonian off and my only question, I think the only question anyone need ask, is… why does Superman need a sidekick?

Sure, the same can be said of Batman, but almost every Batman writer in the last ten or fifteen years has tried to make some excuse for it, like Robin’s Batman’s lieutenant (again, it’s idiotic), but Superman? Superman doesn’t need a sidekick and if the Plutonian is Superman, well, Waid’s clearly got a lot of work to do, right?

He doesn’t do any of it.

The explanation of why he went psycho is lame. This issue’s best part is Waid turning the Plutonian’s married floozy into a scheming husband-killer. It’ll be amusing to read that arc as it unfolds.

I think Waid’s kneecapped Irredeemable.

The revelation had to be perfect and, instead, it’s weak.

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