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Irredeemable (2009) #6


Here’s the strangest issue of all, only because Waid does something he hasn’t done so far. He suggests the Plutonian can be surprised. Even if the heroes do sneak past him and he doesn’t catch on, it isn’t the same thing. Here he really and truly is taken aback.

Krause’s characterizing on the Plutonian, which I think I noticed before but really here, is interesting–he isn’t supposed to be a good looking guy. In fact, he’s really bland. Some of the other guys are supposed to be handsome, but apparently the Plutonian got by on his superpowers alone.

Again, there’s more here, including a look into the Plutonian’s past. I get the feeling once this one is complete, it’s going to make a lot more sense, Waid’s choice in revelations and narrative developments. I wonder if he always planned on doing Irredeemable indie or if Boom! changed his mind.

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